Bradford Township

Bradford West Gwillimbury is guided by goals that seek a balanced and logical ap- proach to all development. A high priority is placed on the protection and enhancement of the communities agricultural activities and natural environment, particularly the Holland Marsh which is a defining force in the community. By pursing a clearly stated and focused economic plan, the community successfully supports existing businesses and encoura- ge new commercial and industrial enterprises.

Opportunities have been found in the many and varied skills of our residents. Opportunities have also been realized by diversifying our economic and agricultural base and by promoting a comprehensive tourism strategy. Through revitalization, the down- town has become an attractive and active "people place".

Finally, Bradford West Gwillimbury is governed by a financially and socially responsible municipal administration. It is a responsive administration that appreciates the diverse needs of its residents. By encouraging public awareness and participation in the decision making process, the joint efforts of munici pal government and residents have ensured that the communities vision for the future is realized.

Bradford West Gwillimbury is a desirable place to live, work and play. In 1991 the former Town of Bradford, and parts of the former Townships of West Gwillimbury and Tecumseth were amalga- mated to form the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury.